randstad professionals.

how it all started.

Randstad Professionals in Belgium over the years.


When the first all-in-one home computer, the Commodore PET, is presented Polydesign is formed from the engineering firm Comprimo; it is active in engineering, construction, electrical instrumentation, mechanics and IT. A Walloon counterpart, Interdesign, follows in 1980.

brief background.

Randstad takes Polydesign and Interdesign under its wing; this gives it access to a flexible pool of specialised workers who focus on specific knowledge tasks.

Polydata is established, specialising in IT.

These businesses are combined to form Yacht, a Randstad Holding company and employment agency for top professionals in IT and technology. Yacht closely monitors its employees’ professional development by means of knowledge management, international development and human resources tools.

Yacht launches a third specialisation: Finance.

The project activities of Yacht in Belgium are grouped together and continue under the name Randstad Professionals.

Randstad Holding and Vedior merge. Smartforce, Sapphire, Expectra and Expectra Life Sciences now operate under the Randstad Professionals banner.

Randstad Professionals now focuses on highly educated profiles from four sectors: ICT, Finance, Engineering and Life Sciences.

Randstad Holding turns 50. Randstad Professionals adds HR as a specialisation.

Randstad Professionals expands into the recruitment and selection of highly educated workers. This branch also includes Insel, which specifically focuses on the recruitment and selection of engineers and technical graduates.
Sales & Marketing is also included in the service package.

quality label.

Federgon, the federation of HR service providers, acknowledges Randstad Professionals as a project sourcing provider, by granting us the label 'Federgon Projectsourcing Certified'.