make it as a technical expert.

You build things, work out the designs and monitor the processes. Technically, this is your speciality. And specialists receive assignments that reflect their expertise. Whether they have just graduated or already have experience.

But how do you find the projects that will suit you down to the ground? With Randstad Professionals Engineering and Insel, of course.

network of experts.

Thanks to our partnerships with leading companies and a strong network of experts, we can offer you interesting projects. So that you can build something else, too: a solid career in your field. Whether it’s mechanical or civil engineering, electronics, electricity, industrial automation or process technology.

your personal preference.

You can work for Randstad Professionals or one of our clients:

  • as a permanent employee,
  • on successive projects,
  • or as a freelancer.



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The recruiters and consultants at Randstad Professionals Engineering are themselves experts in your field. They have a strong affinity with higher technical profiles. And using the Insel typology and DISC personality tests, they know exactly which organisations you are simply made for with your skills.


for and by engineers.

we are on the same wavelength.