bring chemistry to your career.

Is pharma your world? Is biotechnology your habitat? Do you have a fascination for medical devices and their development? Then read on. Because Life Sciences is an innovative, fast-evolving and extensive world where highly qualified talent is always eagerly sought.


from R&D to clinical research.

Are you ready for a challenging assignment in your niche? Then joining Randstad Professionals Life Sciences a great idea. Randstad Professionals is a partner to many of the major pharmaceutical and biotech companies. And under the motto ‘Two heads are better than one’ we will be happy to put you in touch with top companies that need your specific expertise or talent. From R&D to clinical research, and from registration to manufacturing.


your personal preference.

You can work for Randstad Professionals or one of our clients:

  • as a permanent employee,
  • on successive projects,
  • or as a freelancer.



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out of the box.

For the recruiters and consultants at Randstad Professionals Life Sciences, innovation is anything but a buzzword. On the contrary. With a positive focus and a great deal of integrity, they consistently think out of the box. In this way, they spot the opportunities in their extensive and specialised pool of businesses that will make your scientific career soar.

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