your expertise and ideas.

With your higher education and/or your experience in marketing, communications, sales or customer service, you can rightly call yourself a specialist. You are fascinated by the possibilities of social media, digital trends and big data. And you know how to use these and more traditional tools to ensure optimal customer relations and excellent sales figures.

your personal preference.

You can work for Randstad Professionals or one of our clients:

  • as a permanent employee,
  • on successive projects,
  • or as a freelancer.



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fits you like a glove.

With Randstad Professionals Sales & Marketing you’ll find a job that fits you like a glove. Working for a leading organisation or brand in an inspiring environment where you can develop, measure and communicate your ideas.

Our recruiters and consultants have a solid background in sales, marketing and communications themselves. They share your passion for the industry, know the market inside out and have the necessary HR expertise to boost your career.