your automotive career.

Do you enjoy roaring engines and melting rubber on hot asphalt? Do you want to take control of your own career? Do you want to build the cars of the future?

develop your career in automotive.

This is for those who want to develop a career in Automotive. For those who enjoy roaring engines and melting rubber on hot asphalt. For those who want to take control of their own careers. For the engineers who want to build the cars of the future. For those who know that Belgium is a leading player in the automotive sector.

Having the feeling this is about you? If so, Randstad Professionals is the only pit stop you have to make!

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We work very closely with all major automotive players in Belgium. If you really like to get started as a test engineer for one of the world’s largest automotive brands or as a developer of drivelines for say McLaren and Ferrari do not hesitate and leave your details below.

Also within production & assembly we put you in the driver’s seat : we have project opportunities for freelancers and perm positions. Both starters and people with experience are more than welcome.

Leave your details below and we will be happy to contact you. We’ll make time for your passion and your ambitions and we’ll take you on the ride of your life!