always in contact with consultants.

Each company, from SME to multinational, needs a regimented HR-policy. Human resources is a department that is essential for the proper functioning of a company. This is also the reason why Randstad Professionals pays a lot of attention to the recruitment of its HR consultants and to the relationship with them. We cast a look at the operations of Randstad Professionals HR.


tech: top HR consultants

Randstad Professionals HR specializes in the recruitment of HR consultants and freelancers. It is important that the candidates are not only expert in one or more HR-domains. They must also share the values related to the function.

"Candidates must be helpful, empathic, open-minded and loyal," says Barbara van Drooghenbroeck, Business Development Partner at Randstad Professionals HR.


touch: consultants are always in touch with their employer

At Randstad Professionals HR recruitment means first and foremost a continuous follow-up and visibility. There are regular appointments with consultants before talk of a vacant position. "For us it is essential to create a bond with the people we put to work (regardless of the missions) and to maintain that bond during the full cooperation with Randstad Professionals," says Barbara.


consultants pampered

Moreover, Randstad Professionals HR invites (future) consultants to workshops and info-sessions on various HR topics.

All consultants who have a mission are, of course, followed up regularly. "As an employer, we provide several evaluations per year, we define objectives and questions in advance and process feedback during the duration of the mission," explains Barbara. Also during the CoDay (Consultant Day), a day focused on training and personal development, discussions with the consultants are taking place. In addition Randstad Professionals HR organizes a team building for the approximately 120 consultants and freelancers every year.

"Those moments are important: they allow us to get to know our consultants, but also to make full-fledged colleagues out of them", emphasizes Barbara. This formula works because the consultants are more than happy. "We always get very positive feedback. The consultants are ultra motivated and generally make a lot of proposals for the following events," concludes Barbara.